Appealing Features of Advanced Home Security Technology

Appealing Features of Advanced Home Security Technology

Appealing Features of Advanced Home Security Technology

Home security system is being improved, rapidly. Advanced technology has offered users cutting edge security tools and services.

Basic but essential home security features

  • Door chimes, alarms, and sensors are still some crucial basics.
  • Home security system core is still a control panel, which gets connected with remote monitoring services.

In the past decade, compelling and innovative features are established to extend home security systems capabilities, Check

Updates of basic technology

  • Many kinds of Door& window sensors are designed to be more reliable and accurate.
  • All the sensors are tamper sensitive and if anyone tries to break window or access control panel
  • Humidity & temperature sensors help to send fire & flood alerts
  • Pet friendly motion detectors identifies a family dog and intruder

Wireless technology

  • Wireless cameras and sensors are extremely powerful
  • Connection between central monitoring system and home has gone wireless with GSM technology
  • No need for vulnerable but crucial telephone lines for connection

Camera technology

  • Security cameras offer full HD colored feeds
  • These small devices are tucked in such a way that it blends with home decor.
  • Hi-capacity DVR allows to record and playback camera feed footage
  • Remote control allows to pan & zoom individual cameras, so that you can see what’s going on clearly

Home automation technology

  • Control home from anywhere
  • Monitor all kinds of real-time data related to home security system from Smartphone
  • See feed from security cameras on Smartphone
  • Same app can be applied to turn lights on/off, adjust thermostat, lock/unlock doors and arm/disarm home security system

The advanced capabilities of home alarm system features are appealing to every gadget-lover.