What are the account types available in GlobalTrading26?

What are the account types available in GlobalTrading26?

Nowadays, many of the traders are only concentrating on the procedures for earning massive money easily. However, the trading does not even work in such way. In order to become a successful trader, you will require utilizing these amazing features for your revenue. For this purpose, you want to learn a little bit about this trading broker.

When it comes to trading, the GlobalTrading26 provides five variations of accounts to their users. However, these entire accounts are unique with its different features. Also, these features are fully based on the multiple needs of the customers, but not considering each trader has a similar fundamental requirement and need.

In today’s modern lifestyle, the GlobalTrading26 offers you a comfort of trading with your laptops and smart phones. Some of the account types available in GlobalTrading26 are listed below:

Silver account

The silver account usually offers 6 day services to the entire clients and 7 days withdrawal support along with a greeting credit of 20% for the new traders.

Gold account

It provides you greeting credit of 40% and utmost monthly coverage of fifty thousand dollars. Also, the gold account offers on weekly succeeded session.

Diamond account

This account begins with a fund of $200, 001- $499, 999. It permits you a couple of days for the withdrawal approval with 1:100 leverage and also up to $750,000 of maximum monthly exposure.

Platinum account

The platinum account begins with a net deposit of $100, 001 to $200, 000. Also, it presents three business days of withdrawal approval, welcome credit of sixty percent and also two to three managed sessions per week.

VIP account

This account is for elite trades and begins with a funding rate of around $500, 000. It actually approves a withdrawal within one day. Also, the GlobalTrading26 provides welcome credit of 120% along with routine accomplished sessions.