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Essential Choices for the Best Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper is not that difficult. By being well equipped and respecting the different stages, the finishes will be neat. List of material and method, discover the explanations to apply wallpaper and obtain a perfect rendering.

What if you got into the wallpapering process? Hanging wallpaper is not that complicated, you just have to follow the right method and have the right gestures! Without forgetting the essential tools, of course. Find out how to properly hang wallpaper singapore.

Prepare the wall before hanging wallpaper

If your walls are already covered with a wall covering, you must start by peeling it off. If it is painting, you can directly apply the wallpaper singapore, after washing and sanding your wall.

Launder the walls before applying wallpaper

The installation of the wallpaper requires smooth and above all clean walls. So before installing your wallpaper, wash the walls to remove all traces of glue and other remains of wallpaper.

Fill holes and cracks before applying wallpaper

Once the walls are clean and dry, fill in all holes and other cracks with a special coating. After drying, just sand the walls to level the surface. Don’t forget to dust everything off.

Remove sockets and switches before hanging wallpaper

After having cut off the electricity, remove the socket covers and other switches which are on the part of the wall to be lined.

Prepare the glue and the strips

Mix the glue in the bucket

It is essential to let it rest, or even to prepare it the day before to find your way easily and to stick the lengths perfectly, take the measurements with your tape measure and note the indications in pencil on the wall. Then measure the height to be able to cut the strip to the right dimensions. It is better to cut the lengths as you go rather than all together to avoid mistakes.