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Movies that show disabilities to motivate them in life

In this pandemic phase, people worldwide share some standard practices of social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks, and watching movies online. No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic had a substantial effect on the box office collection of the film industry, but it raised online streaming significantly. Due to the shutdown of cinemas and theatres, the popularity of online streaming has increased among viewers. People being stuck at home, having no other source of cinema entertainment, are streaming online for their favourite and latest movies.

The Telugu film industry is gaining popularity among viewers because of its fantastic cast performance, full of swag action scenes, peppy dance moves, and extensive movie sets, which significantly impact-screen. Viewers enjoy watching Telugu movies as it combines entertainment, education, emotions, and inspiration all in one. You can find all the different film categories in Telugu- romantic, comedy, inspirational, social, horror, etc. Many online movie streaming platforms allow Telugu movie fans to enjoy movies worldwide at reasonable prices. With secure and reliable online websites, you can watch hundreds of movies online in HD. Aha provides you with a line of great Telugu full movies online that will refresh your mind. Johar is one of the Telugu movies in 2020 that will surely inspire you.

The story of Johar revolves around four different people chasing their dreams. The fifth person, a young politician, brings a significant change in their life with his decision to set the giant statue of his late father for his legacy by diverting government funds. The writer and director, Teja Marni, has made a political-social drama showing how politics influences agriculture, education, small businesses, and sports in different stories linked to the main level. Chaitanya Krishna, who is in the lead role, has impressed by his cunning politician role. Other actors have also done justice to their positions with their emotional performance. The camera work of JagadeeshCheekati is a visual appeal. The songs of the movie by PriyadarshanBalasubramanian go well with its emotions and simple dialogues. The second half of the film is entirely predictable, and the end of the movie could be more dramatic. The movie successfully spreads a message that politicians should not use their power for personal agendas ignoring public welfare. To find out how these people’s lives are affected by the politician in power, watch the Telugu full movie online on Aha.

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